Friday, June 26, 2015

Starflower Potholder

Fabric and bias band from MaLu Design
Using this free tutorial for the starflower pattern

When I make something for a friend, I usually do not like to tell them exactly what fabric and pattern I am using and I especially try to avoid to show pictures of the work in progress. In this case I was so excited that I did it. What was kind of a mistake because it all worked out (more or less) pretty fine for a first try of a tiny version of the starflower pattern. But when attaching the bias band I almost ruined it completely. It is a 1.8mm bias band and I really never thought that the difference of 0.2cm to a "normal" bias band would make such a difference. In this case with four different layers it really did, and a close up look on the potholder is something I really hope not too many people are going to take. I made it for a friend and as I used tiny scraps of fabric (she really likes any star pattern on fabric) I cannot make a second one with a proper attachment of the bias band. If I would not have shown it to her while in progress, I would remake it with other fabrics. But maybe that is an option for a new occasion to sew her something. ;) and after all, she has a not too bright kitchen so maybe I am lucky and it will be not so noticeable...

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Doors & Door Knobs at Gruissan

I love evening walks through old cobblestone streets of little mediterranean towns. The air is warm and calm and everything seems to be so relaxed. I love the different doors of each house, wondering what individual world is behind each one while they all share the same world on the outside of the door.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

trial run

My Mom brought back a fabric from France that we both love and want. She is willing to give it to me
for a raglan style tunic and as I don't want to ruin it (my conscious would take a tough time on me knowing how much my mother desires the fabric). I did a trial run with a fabric leftover today.
The pattern is pretty easy and sewn up in no time. The finished tunic is a perfect piece for airy summer days (at least with the fabric I used).
I sew size XS, adding no extra seam allowance.
The tunic is shorter than it is supposed to be, because today I had to deal with a limited amount of fabric. Still it is long enough to wear. So this is okay. It actually came out even shorter than expected because I cut the bottom hem according to pattern and it looked kind of pointy and weird so I straightened it afterwards what of course meant that I had to cut of length. In my next version I will cut the bottom hem straight right away. Also I will hopefully remember that the neck band is too long for the neck opening. I should measure the neck opening after assembling front, back and sleeves and then cut the neck band.  Besides these two points it is a perfect pattern. :) I love it.

Pattern: 2a
Nähen im japanischen Stil