Friday, June 26, 2015

Starflower Potholder

Fabric and bias band from MaLu Design
Using this free tutorial for the starflower pattern

When I make something for a friend, I usually do not like to tell them exactly what fabric and pattern I am using and I especially try to avoid to show pictures of the work in progress. In this case I was so excited that I did it. What was kind of a mistake because it all worked out (more or less) pretty fine for a first try of a tiny version of the starflower pattern. But when attaching the bias band I almost ruined it completely. It is a 1.8mm bias band and I really never thought that the difference of 0.2cm to a "normal" bias band would make such a difference. In this case with four different layers it really did, and a close up look on the potholder is something I really hope not too many people are going to take. I made it for a friend and as I used tiny scraps of fabric (she really likes any star pattern on fabric) I cannot make a second one with a proper attachment of the bias band. If I would not have shown it to her while in progress, I would remake it with other fabrics. But maybe that is an option for a new occasion to sew her something. ;) and after all, she has a not too bright kitchen so maybe I am lucky and it will be not so noticeable...

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