Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sweaters for me

Pattern: Shelly (I can recommend!)
Left / Blue Fabric: Robert Kaufmann via Etsy 
Right / Red Fabric: Hamburger Liebe via MaLu Design

Monday, July 20, 2015

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Easy Door Silencer

no more squeezed fingers
no more banging doors
 fabric: mostly from

cut fabric and straps: total length from one door knob to the far end of the handle on the other side, plus seam allowance, plus a little allowance for easy sliding over the handles

fold right sides together, sew in first strap and close two sides

turn right side out

batting (not too generous because it would become too stiff)

fold raw edge to the inside

attach second strap and close from the right side

This project used up half of the batting I bought six years ago just "because it is always good to have some batting in the house".  I will make more door silencers for my friends so by the end of the weekend all my batting will be used up and for this reason I call this project as #4 project done of my get-rid-of-it challenge.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Easy Baby & Toddler Blanket

Quick and easy toddler blanket, using 2 fabric leftovers and a fleece leftover

cut 4 stripes, sew together right sides facing

center cut & rotate

sew together right sides facing

with right sides facing attach to fleece

trim fleece to right size

trim edges

sew together right sides facing, turn inside out

add a pretty seam to the edge on the right side. looks pretty and keeps both layers in place


Thursday, July 16, 2015

Maternity Tie Dye Project

based on a white t-shirt
1st dye: teal
2nd dye: blue

belly band from malu-design

21 weeks pregnant

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Polymer Clay is not my kind of thing

I wanted to try polymer clay for a long time. I did it when I was a child and there was a huge hype about it in Germany. Everybody did it at that time, about 25 years ago I guess. 
Now a few years ago I have seen it in a store and thought it would be nice to try. So I bought it and did not to more than hoarding it in my craft room. I do not know what made me curious again a few days ago and with my get-rid-of-it challenge I thought it would be a good time now to give it a chance. I browsed Pinterest for ideas and tutorials. I did not want to make beads, neither buttons. Both are nice but they would again just blow up my stash of not used craft material. So I decided to go for little ring trays. They are cute and easy to make, a good beginner project. 
Unfortunately I must say, for me it is going to stay with this beginner project. I did not enjoy it. I love the colors but did not like the clay. It was not fun working with it and it took pretty long for a not so spectacular result. 
But hey, that is okay. If I will ever want to use polymer clay beads or buttons or whatever there are great options to buy some on etsy. It is incredible what some people can make from polymer clay!!!

Monday, July 13, 2015

T-Shirt to Tote Bag

My friend gave me a t-shirt for my birthday and I managed to have stains on it that I am not able to remove within not more than two months. :-(

Fortunately I came across this tutorial to make a tote bag from an old t-shirt and I decided to give it a second live. :-)
Other than on the original one I did not knot the bottom but sew it  (I did not want the "bulk" of all the knots.)  and sew in a little bottom.

This gives some extra room. It did take some length off it but that doesn't matter in my case as I am short. 

The bag is huge and I can easily fit my daily grocery shopping (and more) into it and in the meantime it folds up tiny and takes up no room sitting in my handbag when not in use.

Making the bag took only a few minutes and the bag comes quite handy. It is for sure worth doing it again with future messed up shirts. Probably even from my daughter's small t-shirts, she could use the little bags for collecting things outdoors etc. 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Handmade Beads from Rose Blossoms

Unbelievable. It was so much work to make the beads. I had to collect roses, chop the blossoms, add a little water and let them simmer for hours and hours until it was a dense and sticky material. Then let it cool off a little, roll it into tiny balls and put them onto toothpicks to let them dry.
I did all that, enjoyed it and was so proud when I could take my rose blossom beads of the toothpicks. …and put them into tupperware where they were sleeping beauties for the last five years now. Really. It is a shame, I know. But I never forgot them and I climbed onto the attic this morning to dig them out, finally, and made two necklaces from them. The smell of the rose blossom beads is still amazing, even after such a long time and I hope it will stay for a long time. It is wonderful, not too strong. I really enjoy it. 

I can remember I used dark red roses and the color of the beads turned out to be a very dark brownish something. I think this will vary depending on what color the blossoms are. Maybe, if I will ever do this again (what would be totally worth it), I should try to mix pink and dark red roses for a little lighter result. 

I consider this a one project done for my personal get-rid-of-it challenge, as both, the rose blossom beads and the pink and orange beads in between were sitting around the house unused for five years (the pink and orange ones even for 8 years). 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

another tunic

another tunic from my new japanese sewing book. I had to make major changes because for whatever reason size xs appeared to be way too large, even now being 20 weeks pregnant. So I almost ruined it with a quick and dirty try to make it fit and in the end I could magically (really magically, because I do not even know myself how I did it) save it from going to the trash can instead of the wardrobe. Now it fits perfectly and I like it a lot.
Next time I will try to adjust the raglan shoulder seams. They were too long and so the armholes came out too big.
And, at last, I should learn that it makes sense to take some time when trying to adjust something and when redoing  seams.

I consider it as part of my get-rid-of-it challenge as it is sewn from old bedsheets that I kept for several years now because I always wanted to sew a tunic from it. One project down. :)