Tuesday, July 7, 2015

another tunic

another tunic from my new japanese sewing book. I had to make major changes because for whatever reason size xs appeared to be way too large, even now being 20 weeks pregnant. So I almost ruined it with a quick and dirty try to make it fit and in the end I could magically (really magically, because I do not even know myself how I did it) save it from going to the trash can instead of the wardrobe. Now it fits perfectly and I like it a lot.
Next time I will try to adjust the raglan shoulder seams. They were too long and so the armholes came out too big.
And, at last, I should learn that it makes sense to take some time when trying to adjust something and when redoing  seams.

I consider it as part of my get-rid-of-it challenge as it is sewn from old bedsheets that I kept for several years now because I always wanted to sew a tunic from it. One project down. :)

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