Saturday, July 18, 2015

Easy Door Silencer

no more squeezed fingers
no more banging doors
 fabric: mostly from

cut fabric and straps: total length from one door knob to the far end of the handle on the other side, plus seam allowance, plus a little allowance for easy sliding over the handles

fold right sides together, sew in first strap and close two sides

turn right side out

batting (not too generous because it would become too stiff)

fold raw edge to the inside

attach second strap and close from the right side

This project used up half of the batting I bought six years ago just "because it is always good to have some batting in the house".  I will make more door silencers for my friends so by the end of the weekend all my batting will be used up and for this reason I call this project as #4 project done of my get-rid-of-it challenge.

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