Saturday, July 11, 2015

Handmade Beads from Rose Blossoms

Unbelievable. It was so much work to make the beads. I had to collect roses, chop the blossoms, add a little water and let them simmer for hours and hours until it was a dense and sticky material. Then let it cool off a little, roll it into tiny balls and put them onto toothpicks to let them dry.
I did all that, enjoyed it and was so proud when I could take my rose blossom beads of the toothpicks. …and put them into tupperware where they were sleeping beauties for the last five years now. Really. It is a shame, I know. But I never forgot them and I climbed onto the attic this morning to dig them out, finally, and made two necklaces from them. The smell of the rose blossom beads is still amazing, even after such a long time and I hope it will stay for a long time. It is wonderful, not too strong. I really enjoy it. 

I can remember I used dark red roses and the color of the beads turned out to be a very dark brownish something. I think this will vary depending on what color the blossoms are. Maybe, if I will ever do this again (what would be totally worth it), I should try to mix pink and dark red roses for a little lighter result. 

I consider this a one project done for my personal get-rid-of-it challenge, as both, the rose blossom beads and the pink and orange beads in between were sitting around the house unused for five years (the pink and orange ones even for 8 years). 

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