Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Polymer Clay is not my kind of thing

I wanted to try polymer clay for a long time. I did it when I was a child and there was a huge hype about it in Germany. Everybody did it at that time, about 25 years ago I guess. 
Now a few years ago I have seen it in a store and thought it would be nice to try. So I bought it and did not to more than hoarding it in my craft room. I do not know what made me curious again a few days ago and with my get-rid-of-it challenge I thought it would be a good time now to give it a chance. I browsed Pinterest for ideas and tutorials. I did not want to make beads, neither buttons. Both are nice but they would again just blow up my stash of not used craft material. So I decided to go for little ring trays. They are cute and easy to make, a good beginner project. 
Unfortunately I must say, for me it is going to stay with this beginner project. I did not enjoy it. I love the colors but did not like the clay. It was not fun working with it and it took pretty long for a not so spectacular result. 
But hey, that is okay. If I will ever want to use polymer clay beads or buttons or whatever there are great options to buy some on etsy. It is incredible what some people can make from polymer clay!!!

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  1. Das ist doch wirklich schön geworden. Früher habe ich das Formen mit Fimo auch mal versucht. Man kann ja derart schöne Muster damit formen, aber das habe ich nie geschafft.